Use a double cylinder lock to avoid break-ins:

If you have a window on or near your door, a thumb-turn dead bolt won’t do much good. They knock out the glass, stick a hand in, and turn. Get a double cylinder lock that needs a key on the inside.

Think twice before you buy a locked safe at a flea market, estate sale, or auction:

It's probably going to cost you $300 or more to open.

When you buy a new house, always have your locks rekeyed:

Otherwise there's probably a master key out there that can easily open your home.

These are the biggest mistakes people make with their safe:

Spinning the dial too fast, trying to open it before it's unlocked, and forcing it closed when there's obviously a problem.

It’s easy to defeat the cheapo locks from big-box stores:

Most are mass-produced by reputable manufacturers but to very low standards. Look for at least a grade two. Here are other things you should never buy at big-box stores.

Word For The Wise
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